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Just to let you know, received the Teepee and looks fab, Isla loves it too. Fantastic service from you and your Teepees are pretty and made to a very high standard. A very happy customer!!. Was also wondering if you make matching cushions and playmats for the Teepeees.
Thanks so much
Gillian x

I can see how much thought has gone into the design...just the little things like the buttons at the lower ends and elastic hooks to fasten the mat into place. Nell will just love it. Thanks again for your amazing and thoughtful service, I've already 'liked' and 'shared' your page and will be 'spreading' the word' about your 'amazing Teepees'.
Lesley x

These beautiful Teepees have been carefully designed with creativity and fun in mind. Not only do they offer parents an attractive and practical addition to their home, more importantly they offer a spring board for your child's world of imagination.
Have you ever thought or commented that your child is "just" playing? For young children, play is their learning environment and imaginary play is an important part of their development. Studies have shown strong links between children who engage in imaginary play with benefits such as increased language acquisition, expression of emotions and self regulation as well as advanced social skills such as problem solving and empathy for others.

In addition to the imaginative experiences on offer with the tent, your child may also benefit from having a hiding place when the world feels too much for them to cope with. This is particularly relevant for children who are struggling to cope with strong emotions such as frustration or excitement, giving them a place to go and calm down, perhaps by adding a few comforting toys such as a favourite blanket or teddy.
Nichola Legodi x

Hi it's arrived safe and sound! We love it!! we are thrilled with the Teepee - everyone comments how lovely it iS, I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes
Rachel x

LOVE LOVE LOVE our teepee that Santa brought! ;) thank you! Now my living room doesn't look like a laundry with blankets strewn everywhere making dens! Now we have a beautiful one that stays in tact!! ;)
Thank You! Xxx

All products are natural and 100% cotton and free of plastics.